Welcome to ‘An Opinion Always Matters…’

The aim of this blog is to give you some frequent updates on the current global macro subjects and show you some of the indexes I watch before I make an investment (mainly on FX). I will also provide research on some important macroeconomic and technical indicators and options strategies.
In the FX Fair Value Models page, I will present exchange rate models introduced in some academic papers on ‘how to define the fair value of a currency’, as well as the popular ones used by the major institutions for LT projections.

As a FX Trader, I usually tend to focus on the short term opportunities (and hedging) where the short-run determinants are more based on macro-indicators, investors’ positioning and sentiment, overall volatility or FX options market positioning; however, I do look at medium and longer-term FX developments and the significant trend the global macro effects (monetary and fiscal policy, economic growth, PPPs) can generate on a particular currency pair.

Hope you enjoy reading it!

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