It is all about CBs…

Before the FX trading week starts, I just wanted to share a little chart (See source below the chart) with you that shows the evolution of the top 4 central banks’ balance sheet since GFC. More than 10 trillion of USD were injected into the system in the past six years, which tells us that it is all about CBs. You can see the latest development from Bank of Japan (Abenomics) and its consequences on the Yen (It closed the week at 109.04 against the USD). Next ‘big player’ will be the ECB (purple line); Draghi announced that Officials were looking to expand the size of the balance sheet by 1 trillion Euros (in order to come back to June 2012 levels) over the next couple of years. Hold short: EUR/USD will continue its BEAR momentum in the following months… My ST target is set at 1.2800 (greedy will play the 1.2750 retracement), my MT target is set at 1.2000.


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